Porsche Durametric Diagnostic Tool Review

On the 986, the Durametric cable and software can read many actual values and activate systems throughout the car. There are far too many features to cover them all individually, so I've included screen captures of all the actual values and activations. These are different for each generation / model of Porsche, but I imagine the screenshots of the 986 Boxster will serve as a baseline. The Durametric software is divided up by system. Click the links below to see screen shots of the available features on my 986:

Engine Module
Air Conditioning
Xenon Headlights

You can buy the Durametric tool at a few distributes and direct from Durametric.


  1. Hi, Nice video and blog. I wanted to know if you can activate the passenger airbag desactivator with the durametric tool.

  2. Have you worked on your convertible top? Wondering if your experience differed from the pelican parts how-to.

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  4. Thanks for another informative video. Just discovered the Durametric is right here in Bend!


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