Fixing the AC Compressor Clutch and Bearing

Parts Used

For my 2000 Porsche Boxster, the A/C bearing was an NSK 35BD5222 bearing that measured 52mm OD 35mm ID and 22mm wide. Any sealed bearing with the correct dimensions should work. This bearing is readily available on ebay and other sites. Some auto parts stores also stock the bearing because it is commonly used in car A/C compressor pulleys.
Original bearing removed from my Porsche 986

Side view of the AC clutch bearing


  1. Awesome video. TY very much. I followed your directions and so far so good. Have to get the hydraulic puller at HF. One thing to add is I used a Lisle STRAP WRENCH 1"TO 6-5/8" 1350PSI 28500 to hold the clutch. Nice thing about the strap wrench is it's a rubber strap and light weight. Hope this little tip helps. Oh, BTW, I tried to loosen the 10 mm bolt with the belt on and it did not work for me at all.

  2. I do have a question. When I took the clutch off the pulley after loosening the 10 mm bolt I quickly placed that clutch assembly on the floor of the car. There was a small washer that fell out when I picked the clutch up. I believe it went on the inside and not on the surface of the clutch (face of the clutch) that the 10 mm bolt goes on. Do you remember from doing yours where this washer goes?

    1. You're 100% correct. That washer goes on the inside of the clutch.

  3. Great videos! Ive been following them for my 997.1. I have an intermittent "wobble" noise from my AC compressor that comes and goes at idle (typically when coasting to a stop light). As soon as you turn the AC off it stops. And, strangely I can only hear it when inside the car.

    I thought it was the clutch bearing and was going to replace until I saw your video. Your comments were the clutch bearing is only the issue when the AC is OFF, not on. If you hear a noise when the AC is engaged, does this indicate an issue with the compressor itself?

    Can you confirm. Any other tips appreciated to debug this.

    Keep these videos coming.


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