Purchased Tools for the Porsche IMS Bearing Project

While I was able to make all the special tools to replace the intermediate shaft bearing, I did need to purchase a few tools throughout the project. Below are links to the general tools I purchased for my project.

You can find these tools at just about any auto parts place. The links below are to the actual tools I used. If you buy anything using these links, I receive a small advertising fee which helps support my efforts!

1. Digital Torque Adapter

This was so much better than the old click type wrenches I've used!

2. Impact Rated T-55 socket

Make sure it's a tough, impacted rated socket like the one below:

3. 24 Inch breaker bar

4. Snap ring Pliers


  1. It would be incredibly helpful if you helped a guy out by posting a template of the camshaft tools you made. If you traced it onto standard graph paper- like 1/4 inch square - then scan and post, we could download and print it out to make a perfect tool first time.


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