IMS Bearing Pulling Tool

How to Make the tools to remove and install the Porsche IMS bearing

1. Start with a pipe

I used electrical conduit, but any metal pipe with the right diameter will work. You will have to cut the pipe to length so that it is long enough to go over the pilot bearing tool with some length left over. 
2 inch metal conduit

2. Add a blot, nut and washers

The Bolt should be selected to thread into the pilot bearing puller below. You can also make use of threaded rod and two nuts as some bolts have limited thread. 
Assembled Tool

 3. Rent or buy a pilot bearing puller

These are often available for rent at auto parts stores and can be purchased new under $25.

4. Assemble the tool

Assemble the tool as shown below. The IMS bearing is shown out of the car to illustrate how the pilot bearing puller grabs the bearing.

5. Watch the IMS bearing removal

I used the above tool in the following video.