How to replace the Porsche IMS Bearing: Day 1

I have begun the IMS Bearing replacement! I am swapping out the clutch, so it's a natural step. This is a big project as I have never quite attempted something on this scale! I will be uploading detailed, daily or simi-daily videos on my intermediate shaft bearing / clutch progress as well as a finished, shorter video when done!


  1. Ben, first thanks for the great videos. Really thank you. Now for my question. I have broken water pump impeller parts that need to be flushed or backnflushed from my 2002 Porsche Boxster. I want to make sure I do my best to get any impeller debris from the capillaries of the cooling system. I appreciate any comments and or instructions. For myself and any other non-mechanics you have helped. Thanks again. Don R.

    1. One thought--you can stick a garden hose in the expansion tank and run it through the engine with the hoses and drain plug out. If you do this first, it will allow you to run a bunch of water through the engine block and get the big chunks out. To really get in all the capillaries, however, you will need to reinstall the drain plug and hoses, run it, then drain it... several times. Each time you do this, inspect the drained water for impeller debris. Good luck!


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