The Water Cooled Porsche

The 986 (Boxster) and the 996 (911) represented a shift to water cooling for Porsche (though they were by no means the first water cooled Porsches).

Links to Parts for the Cooling System

These are the parts I used for my 2000 Boxster S. While these are often shared across the 986 and 996, you should always check to make sure they fit your car. 
  • The Water Pump is part # 99610601156. I recommend Pierburg (the original supplier) with a plastic or "composite" impeller. Here's an example at Pelican Parts.
  • The Water Pump does not come with a gasket, so you must also order one. Part # 99610634054 The original gasket was manufactured by Elring Klinger and was metal. 
  • Thermostats come in many flavors. I used the original 83 degree stat manufactured by Wahler. This particular one (the one I used) comes with the housing and gasket. If you buy only the thermostat, you will have to buy the gasket and removal tool to reuse the old housing. Part # 99610601359

Links to Special Tools

Porsche Coolant Capacities

Coolant capacities for the Boxster 986
Sources: 2000 Boxster S owner's manual and the expensive but recommended Bentley Service Manual

I can't guarentee the above chart is accurate. If you have a better source (a Porsche owner's manual) for these or other models leave a comment and I will update the chart for other Porsche owners.

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  1. Thanks for the great videos. I am a owner of a fixer upper :) I have to replace the the AIRCO Radiations and also the cooling system radiators. Do you have any information on this or videos etc.


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