Do you really need to use Porsche Coolant?

Porsche originally filled the Boxster 986 and the 996 911 with a long life coolant that wasn't readily available. When this was mixed with more traditional types of coolant, it could cause problems. Now, however, there are several extended life or "lifetime" coolants that seem to share the same basic characteristics as the Porsche antifreeze. The Porsche stuff was:
  • Organic Acid Technology (OAT)
  • Silicate Free
  • Phosphate Free
Given that many modern coolants share all these characteristics, it is difficulty to justify spending $140 or more on 3 gallons of Porsche branded coolant. Most major brands would cost just $36 at the time I'm writing this.

In making this decision, I found Pedro P. Bonilla's article on the Porsche coolant extremely helpful.